Top Dog Names of 2011 – Did Your Pet’s Name Make the List?

The Huffington Post created an adorable slideshow to showcase the top 25 names for dogs in 2011 according to Banfield Pet Hospital. As you probably can guess, Roc Weiler did not make the list, but that doesn’t make my name any less awesome!

Click here to see the rest of the list and slideshow!

Did your pet’s name make the list? If so, leave a note in the comment and let me know which number it was!


P.S. Apparently there’s also a top 25 cat names list, but who cares about cats anyway? Dogs rule!

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Etsy Finds for Fido (and Fido lovers!)

In case you aren’t familiar, is a website where independent artists can sell their art to people interested in supporting small businesses. I could easily spend hours just browsing through all of the interesting and creative pieces on there. Here are a few of my favorite finds from this week:

via happylandings
via midnightblustudio
via johnwgolden
via manicmuse
via sillybuddy

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Healthy Dog Treats: Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

One of the fastest growing problems in pet health is pet obesity. Obesity in dogs can lead to heart disease, osteoarthritis, and many other health concerns. Dogs have a knack for getting their owners to feed them treats for behaving, doing tricks, or just for being adorable. While treats are a great way to bond with your pet pal, they can also do harm if they don’t have anything nutritional in them.

Instead of giving your pup junk food treats that are loaded with fat and sugar, choose a healthier alternative instead. Many dogs enjoy eating various fruits, such as apples or watermelons. Some dogs even like crunchy vegetables like green beans, carrots, or celery. Plain rice, rice cakes, and crackers are also good substitutes for traditional biscuits.

If you’re looking for a store bought alternative, Only Natural Pet All Meat Bites are a great option.  They are freeze-dried, grain-free, hormone-free meat treats from free range animals. Since the treats have nothing added to them and aren’t cooked before they’re freeze dried, they still have many of the nutrients and health benefits associated with raw meat.

Bully Sticks are another good option. Bully Sticks are 100% beef chew sticks made from the meat of free-ranging Brazilian cattle. They are USDA certified and inspected to ensure the safety of your pet.

Always check and make sure that what you’re giving your pup isn’t bad for him. Just because it’s not full of fat and sugar doesn’t mean that it won’t be bad for Fido. Also be sure to pair up your healthy treats with lots of outdoor exercise. Diet and exercise are very important for both humans and their canine companions. Eat right, go for a run or a walk, and get healthy!

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5 Ways To Make Sure Your New Puppy and Resident Cats Get Along

Introducing a puppy into a new home is a delicate situation, and when you add prior pets to the mix, it gets even more complicated. A good introduction is crucial to forming healthy bonds between all of your pets and preventing any animal drama in your household.

Bringing a feisty, 10-week old pup into our home was a bit of a challenge. Not only because he’s a fesity, 10-week old pup, but we already had some furry kids at home (not of the canine type). We had three cats: Katie, Maggie, and Miley. They were used to ruling the house and doing what cats do, which is pretty much whatever they want. There were some rules for them, but on the whole, they were free to roam where they chose. A new pup in the house was going to change their lives forever.

We thought we would let Roc get used to his new backyard after a long trip from Virginia. When Roc showed up in the yard, the cats all rushed to the patio door. Finally Miley was curious enough to look Roc straight in the eyes, and the friendship began. Of course, once inside there was chasing and whimpering and loud meows until we decided that our kitties needed a safe place to go to get away from this pesky pup. So, we blocked off the entrance to the living room/dining room so that when Roc got to be too much of a pest, they could clear the boundary with ease and laugh at him from their safe space.

Here are five tips to make your pet pal introduction as stress-free as possible:
1. Dogs and cats are from different worlds. It is a lot easier for a resident dog to accept a kitten, but cats often have a hard time adjusting to a new puppy. Be sure to keep the puppy on a leash or in a crate during introductions to prevent any mishaps.

2. Praise and reward your cat around your new puppy. You never want the resident pets to feel threatened or insecure by the arrival of a new guest.

3. Trim your cats claws so that if things do happen to get out of hand (or into claws reach), the damage done won’t be too significant.

4. Only bring a new pet into a house if things in the house are going well. It takes time getting animals to play nice, and if things are rough at home, it will only make the situation worse.

5. Remember that successful introductions take time. You cannot set a time limit or expectations for how quickly your pets will become friends. Unfortunately, some animals will never become friends and will only learn to tolerate each other. Understand and respect that, and whatever you do, do not try to rush or force them into each other’s space.

Best of luck with your new pup and current pets! Do you have any other useful tricks for helping pet introductions go smoothly?

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Big News! We’ve Partnered With Petango!

Puppy Scents is now available for purchase on Petango’s website! By purchasing Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care through the Petango store, you are helping to save homeless pets! is the only adoptable search site that exclusively uses live animal data feeds from over 1,620 animal welfare organizations and offers a wide range of content-rich options for potential adopters, shelters and anyone who wants to learn more about pet adoption. It is the one-stop destination for anyone looking to adopt a pet from an animal welfare organization and participate in an interactive, social networking pet lovers’ community in North America. is the place to shop for pets and help save homeless pets with a percentage of every purchase donated back to the animal shelter of the shopper’s choice. The Petango Store offers a full range of discounted pet medications and pet supplies.

With a mission to promote a culture of second-chance animal adoption and provide a place for pet lovers to engage with the pet community, is an organization that we are thrilled to partner with.

Support Puppy Scents and Petango and order your copy of Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care today!

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Interview With ‘Puppy Scents’ Author, Don Kaleta, on Writing a Children’s Book With and By a Dog

I have a wonderful treat (did someone day treat!?) for my wonderful readers! I recently sat down with my dad and asked him some questions about what it was like to write Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care. Here’s what he had to say!

Roc Weiler: Tell everyone a little bit about yourself!
Don Kaleta: Well, Roc, I’m just a regular guy who loves kids, animals, and helping people. I’m a little bit of a kid myself! I have an out-of-the-ordinary sense of humor and a quirky way of looking at life. I’m kind of like you in that way! I just want to do whatever I can to make a difference in the lives of others, and that’s why I wrote Puppy Scents!

RW: What inspired you to write Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care?
DK: Well, I guess the inspiration came when your Mom was writing a puppy training manual for parents and asked me look it over and do some editing to see if there were any mistakes or misspellings. As I was going through it, it just became clear that parents need help from the kids in the house if they are going to be successful in helping their new pup adjust to his forever home. Then, just like a light bulb shining above my head, the idea occurred to me that I should write a kids’ guide based on the chapters in the parent’s guide! An easy to read book with plenty of color, beautifully illustrated, just for kids! And it was important that the story come from the pup himself. And that’s where you came in Roc.

RW: What was your favorite part about writing a book about the most awesome pup in the world?
DK: (with a hearty laugh) Dealing with your humility! Ha! Just kidding Roc! But I will say that you do have a “personality all your own”! And I guess my favorite parts about writing this book was that you are the most awesome pup in the world! And who better to help me tell your story than you! It was fun writing this with you and getting inside your little pup mind so we could share your thoughst, feelings, and suggestions on becoming a well-behaved member of the family!

RW: Have you ever written a book before?
DK: Not at all! This is my first one. But it was so much fun working with you on this book. We seem to be one mind. Sometimes I thought you were actually talking real English!! But I guess it was that we were getting to be such good friends that you knew what I was thinking and I knew what you were thinking. That’s what best pals do!

RW: Any plans for any future books?
DK: Well now, I’ve got my mind on a story of how your little sister Miley came to live with us. She has a quite a story to tell!! She is a little bit on the adventurous side! And some kids don’t have dogs and really love cats…well, that would be something for those cats lovers out there!

RW: Who would want to hear a story about Miley?? She is just a ….cat…puhhh…nothing big!
DK: Oh you be nice, Roc!

RW: How did you choose the illustrator, Helen Habel?
DK: Well, we didn’t know of any artists or illustrators, but we did have some friends who may know of some. So, we passed the word around to our local County Arts organization and asked for those interested to apply. About five people contacted us. We gave each one the same chapter and asked them to give us a sample of what they could do. We then interviewed them, and based on their sample illustration and interviews, we chose the best match for our little puppy book. They were all extremely talented, but Helen was the one who came closest to the type and style of illustrations that we were looking for. And you turned out so adorable!!

RW: What was your favorite chapter to write?
DK: I would have to say “My Trip to the Park”. It was full of fun, running, playing with new pup friends, seeing old friends and playing with whatever toys the people brought for their dogs! I think it was one of your favorites too, Roc. I know how much you like to go to the dog park near our house. Lots of room to run, beautiful fenced in areas…one for the big dogs and one for the smaller dogs. There’s also a water fountain so you can have fresh water when you get all hot from playing. It’s just a great time. And by the time we get home, you are ready for bed! Keeps you out of trouble for the evening!

RW: Do you have any advice for other people who are thinking about writing books of their own?
DK: Go for it! Start writing! As thoughts come to you, write them down. Writing a book is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It’s a reflection of you and your experience. It’s your gift to the world. Don’t worry about whether anyone will want to read it or not. You just write what you feel. The people who will love it will be attracted to it. It takes all kinds of books, because there are all kinds of readers out there. Just write what means the most to you! What you are passionate about. That’s what we did Roc. We wrote about what we love, and that’s helping kids and pets form forever friendships.

RW: One last question…can I have a treat?!
DK: So,we must be done, huh? Ok, I think we both deserve a treat! You were a great interviewer and I think I did well answering your questions! How about a treat we both like? I’ll race you to the truck! We’re headed for the dog park!! Whooohoo!! Let’s go!
I’d like to give a big ‘thank you’ to my dad for taking the time to answer these questions and (more importantly) for the treat and the trip to the dog park! I had a wonderful time!

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