Adopt-A-Pal – Get a Book!

Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide Now Available at Shelters!

Me when I was at the shelter waiting for my forever home

Hey Everyone, Roc here!!

When looking to adopt a dog, check out your local animal shelters first. Not only will you meet a lot of really great dogs, but if you live in the central Ohio area, there is a good chance you will also receive a copy of my book, Puppy Scents, The Kids’ Guide to Puppy Care!

Now, we have donated and distributed books to the following shelters:

Licking County Humane Society, Licking County Animal Shelter, Fairfield Area Humane Society, Fairfield County Animal Shelter, Union County Humane Society, Knox County Animal Shelter and the Knox County Humane Society.

Quantities are limited, so check in with your local shelter to see if they are currently in stock.  However, we want to change that and make sure that these shelters and many more are able to provide these books free of charge to you when you participate in our “Adopt-A-Pal – Get A Book!” program.

One little problem. We are running out of our current stock! That means that there will be no books available to donate unless we obtain Sponsorship to print more books.  Won’t you please do what you can to spread the word so that Sponsors will step forth to help us get more books so that we always have enough on-hand for the kids and my shelter pals?

We are gearing up to be able to offer a Sponsorship site where you can donate funds towards the purchase of more books so that no child leaves the shelter without one.  It’s a big job, but I know we can do it.  My shelter pals are depending on all of us!

If you are new to Puppy Scents and my Mission, please click the “Home” button above to go back to my website. There you can read all about my story and why I do what I do.  Also take a look at the Testimonials page too to see what others are saying about us. “Like” Puppy Scents on facebook  and Follow me on Twitter @therocweiler!

If you have questions regarding Sponsorship, contact us at and I’ll make sure you get the information you need!  Thank you for helping my shelter pals!

Love, Roc

Visit your local shelters and Adopt-A-Pal NOW!

They are waiting for you!


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