Update from Roc & Cold Weather Tips

Hello, everyone! Roc here! I just wanted to stop in and say woof/hello! I’ve been busy growing and learning every day, and I hope that you all have been too. My mom and dad have been busy working to spread the Puppy Scents message so that more people can learn how to correctly care for their puppies!

Have you made the Puppy Scents Promise yet?! Click HERE you want to read more about Be Kind, Be Fit, Be Me, and be sure to make a promise to be kind to animals, others, and yourself; be fit by eating healthy foods and keeping your body strong by being active; and be yourself and no one else!

Since it’s getting colder out, you might have to do a few extra things to make sure that your pup stays healthy and safe. Here are a few tips to keep your pup as happy as I am!

  • Getting Sick – Being out in the cold too long is not good for any pet. If your dog has been out in the cold and you see him shivering, acting sleepy, or breathing funny, let an adult know right away. Your pup may have to get to the vet fast. Also check your pets ears, tail, and feet to see if these areas are swollen or have blisters on them. That may be a sign of a thing called frostbite and your pup will need medical help.
  • Chemicals used in times of colder weather are very harmful to dogs. Antifreeze has a sweet taste, which makes your dog want to lick it. Even small amounts can be really bad for them. Be sure to look for and ask for help from an adult to clean up spills or leaks as soon as you see them. Salt and ice melting chemicals cause problems with dog skin skin, so don’t forget to wash off paws and tummies, and check for cracks or redness.
  • Shelter & Food – Most dogs today are inside pets, but there are still some who are kept outside year round. It’s best to bring your dogs inside during colder times. If you can’t for some reason, you must have a warm, heated shelter out of the wind and dry clean bedding. Heated bowls for water and food will also help them to get enough to eat and drink. Don’t forget to go outside to play with your dog or he will get lonely and start to feel sad. Check on him often to make sure your pup is not cold or showing any signs of being stressed out.
  • Coats, Sweaters & Boots– Just like you need to put on the more layers, gloves, and scarves when it’s cold, your pup make need some clothes too! When taking your pup for a romp outside this winter, consider looking into sweaters or coats to help keep body temperatures warm and boots to protect his feet and pads from salt and getting chapped. Dogs with short hair or who don’t have that extra body fat will definitely need help keeping warm from the cold, rain and snow.

The biggest thing to remember is to “Just have fun!” Some dogs love the snow and taking regular walks even in cold weather. You know what your pup likes. What’s most important is that you continue playing and being a good pal to your dog, make sure he gets plenty of exercise, and that he is happy and having fun. But if it really is too cold to go outside, it’s okay to cuddle up in a fuzzy blanket with your pup to keep each other warm! Personally, I can’t wait to make “angels” in the snow!

Talk to you soon!



About Puppy Scents

Don and and Mindy J Kaleta, Owners of Kaleta Publishing, LLC and the books, Puppy Scents, The Kids' Guide to Puppy Care, Surviving the Puppy Stage, How to Get Inside Your Dog's Mind Without Losing Your Own. Roc is a Rottie/Golden mix pup who loves kids! By telling his story, he wants to inspire others to do their part in making the world a better place for not only kids and animals, but for everyone.
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